About Us

 Kelly and Emma Dermody are expert Dermal Therapists with stellar careers in the celebrity beauty industry and education sector. A mother-daughter duo with a combined 50 years of experience in the beauty industry, they’re clinic owners, beauty educators and skincare pioneers. 

Kelly’s drive to create an exceptional cosmeceutical range that was vegan, all-natural, and effective at keeping the skin healthy matched with Emma’s passion for cosmetic formulations, ingredients and the power of topicals to transform skin gave the duo the perfect aha moment. They brought together both their passions and expertise to create a cosmeceutical line of their very own. Mine Minerals was born.

Mine Minerals began as a small cosmeceutical line that was only available locally at the skin clinic itself. But after seeing their client’s high demand for their products, Kelly and Emma released their collection to the wider public. It’s now available online and through exclusive leading clinics globally.

Mine Minerals is a company that finds great fulfilment in transforming patients' skin. The results that are gained are the biggest reward for Kelly and Emma. They want the world to share and experience everything they have to offer so that others might feel brighter, their skin healthier, and feel just that little bit more like the best version of themselves, inside and out.